Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Random Review

Introducing: Thing that I am Enjoying!

Every so often when I am stuck for an idea, or I’ve not done anything in a while and I just want to reassure everyone that I am still posting, (or I’m too damn lazy to do a long blog post) I shall do a review of something. That something will be my ‘Thing that I am Enjoying’.

Today’s Thing: Richard Costain’s Hair AKA - The Hair of Wonder!

I first encountered Costain’s hair around 8 years ago at a weekend away at Mallmore. It was a wondrous moment. There it was, perched atop Costain’s face. Instantly it was a friendship that would last. Of course I had to accept the inevitable truth - in order to enjoy the ‘HAIR OF WONDER’ I would have to put up with Richard as well. But it was a price I was willing to pay. For his hair truly was full of love and happiness and all the joys of the world.

Since then I have built up a good strong friendship with Richard. He is an added bonus to the wonderousness that his hair carries around within itself. However, he will only ever remain second best to his most enviable feature.

Over the years the hair has been cut, yet somehow it still retains its hugeness in essence. Honestly this is hair that could be completely shaved off , and Richard could be bald, and yet the aura of his hair would follow him round. Like a big ghost ‘fro.

Does this stop me from entering into a period of mourning every time Richard goes for a haircut?

No it bloody well does not. Because in my head I have a very special vision for Richard’s hair. I want Richard to grow his hair until he is a Manx version of Alan Davies - specifically Alan Davies n Jonathan Creek, when his hair was at its peak.

At which point I shall cut my hair like Caroline Quentin’s and we shall solve allll the mysteries of the world!

The Hair is an entertainment feature in itself.
Bored for something to do? No matter!
Ping some of Richard's curls.

Try to poke your finger into a ringlet without touching the sides.

See how long his hair really is by stretching it out.

Endless Entertainment!

However, this hair is not all fun and games.
We must all remember that with great power comes great responsibility. Costain’s hair is no exception to this.

Not since Sampson has hair held this much power within its tiny follicles.
Should Costain’s hair ever decide to take the path of Evil, we would surely all be doomed.

The Hair could reign supreme, holding us all within its tightly curled dictatorship.

We would be forced to keep our heads shaved, so that none may challenge Costain’s Hair’s Authority over us all.

We would be set to work combing and conditioning, slaves to the Hair of Wonder.

Let us all pray that this never comes to pass...

However, if you are reading this in the future and it has all come true, I hereby announce myself as a prophet, and demand that you all hail me as such.
And give me a prophet’s hat.

Pros: Epic in size. Bouncy and springy curls. Is clearly full of joy and wonder. Provides endless entertainment.
Cons: Requires experienced hairdressers. Causes misery to me every time it needs to be cut. May possibly one day take over the world. Odd looking when wet.



  1. mr costains hair = genius

  2. It makes me sad when it gets cut too!

  3. Lol! I don't even know this person, but I sooo want to play with his hair! x