Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing day

In honour of boxing day I am going to write about an old box I used to have.
This box was my ‘shiny box.’
It was basically a cardboard box which I had stuck a lot of tin foil to. And in it I started to collect anything that was shiny or glittery.
I was a magpie for pins, milk bottle tops and old, probably dangerous, bits of metal I found on the beach.
Any meal time which involved metal cutlery was a winner in my book.

Now, lots of children collect things. Lots of adults do it too! But I was less discriminative than most. Anything with the slightest bit of a gleam would be stuck in the box.
This is how I found myself with an ever growing collection of dead beetles and flies in one corner.

If I saw something shiny or something that had glitter on it - I had to have it for my box.

Around the same time I developed a penchant for licking things I found attractive. This did not stop at food. Anything and everything that caught the attention of my little tiny mind was liable for a good licking.
Something about the way they shined made me want to know what they tasted like.
I was small and it was seen as harmless, if not a bit weird.

Fortunately I have since grown out of this phase, as I’m fairly certain I would have been arrested many times over by now.

Though it would have been TOTALLY worth it.

(Twilight reference for Hana Jo, my first follower - who is featuring my blog on her youtube video.)


  1. i used to collect many an odd thing also. wish i had the box idea as a kid though, then i may have got to keep some of it ;).

  2. Not had time to read much Nel but what I have read is really good and sometimes really funny. I also love your pictures! x