Sunday, December 19, 2010


Today I am spending yet another day snowed in.
I like snow. It's white and flufy and you can throw it at people.
But after a while snow gets a liiiiittle boring.

I have an overactive imagination and a low attention span.
This often results in sitations being blown well out of proportion.
Today my house looks like this -

In my head however, it looks something like this -

Yes. In my head my house looks like a tower guarded by a dragon.
Snow is essentially a fire breathing arse dragon, stopping me from going into town and looking at shiny things.

Therefore, in my head, I have become this -

Yep. That's me as a princess in the tower. Look how woeful I am - I need rescuing so I can do something that isn't sitting around looking cross.
This is me in real life...

I like the princess tower one better...

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