Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cam Troll

As of last night I am convinced that some kind of troll lives in my camera, and when I try to take pictures of a particular friend of mine, he jumps into the picture and messes up her face.

This friend that I have is utterly beautiful and lovely in real life. Honestly, she's stunning.
See! She even has nice words and arrows following her around so that the world knows how amazing she is.
But - my camera troll does not like her. Perhaps she is just *too* pretty for him.
I tried really hard to take a really nice photo last night, that did my friend's lovely face justice.

But the stupid cam troll would not give up.
The stupid cam troll turned my beautiful friend from this -

Into... well...


To my friend - I am sorry. I think that eventually the camera troll got tired and went to sleep, because I managed to get a few lovely ones of her in the end.

But beware those who ask me to take their photo...
For a Troll lives in my camera...

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