Saturday, December 18, 2010

I am losing a war

against my womb.
Every single month me and my womb have a war about whether or not I should have a baby.
My stance is very much 'no' at the moment. I don't want one right now.
I also would need a bloke to participate. But I don't have one of those.
You'd think my womb would see this logic. But no. Every month she gets herself ready for the baby that is not coming. When it does not come she throws a hissy fit and turns me into a quivering wreck of a person.
She punishes me for not having a baby by causing me unimaginable pain. Seriously, try to imagine the pain. You can't. It is just *that* unimaginable.
Every month this happens -

Stop it womb. You're not getting a baby if you act like this. In fact, your actions have made me feel that perhaps you wouldn't look after a baby well at all! You're far too happy to cause pain.

Until you think about what you're doing and stop being so damned stupid I will never put a baby in you. Never!
You have been warned.

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  1. Very good description of what it can sometimes be like for me too!