Thursday, December 23, 2010

A plea, from me to you.

Dear readers/lookers at pictures.

I know you are there. I know it.
I know it because I have stats I can look at, and I can see how many people have looked at my page and where they are from. And people in CROATIA are looking at my stuff.

I love making this blog. I love it. It has become an obsession as well as an outlet for the crazy that lurks in my brain.
And people have told me that they like it too! Lots of people.
It makes me happy.
Then I look at the bit of my blog that tells me how many comments I have...

And then I look at my followers...

And I notice that one of them is me.
And I get a bit... sad....

Lovely readers, please leave a comment if you like the post.
It would make me so very happy in my face.
Even if it just says 'well done' or 'I liked that. It was good.'
If you do that you never even have to tell me to my face.
You can even hit me when you next see me!
Just please leave me a little comment.

If you have twitter please follow me on there. If you have a blog, please follow me.
If you have neither of these things - create one and follow me!
(Twitter takes two minutes to set up, and you never even have to use it afterwards.)

And now for the emotional blackmail...
I love you all very much.
Will you please love me back?

Ps. I would like to thank the follower who is not me - Hana Jo. Hana, you make me smile.
Please pick a topic you would like my brain to try to write about. :)


  1. i liked that. it was good. :).

  2. really hilarious :)

    If slightly worrying.

  3. I'm glad you let use know we could comment - I have no idea how blogs work!

    Very good lovely :)

    Merry Christmas!


  4. We love you :D

    Han xx

  5. want us 2 comment?ok!