Monday, December 27, 2010

The Christmas Walk

On Christmas day, just like we do every year, we went for our Christmas walk.
This year we went to the sawmills near St Johns, as I have been asking to go there for ages, and I think my parents were getting fed up of my constant childlike nagging.

Therefore, when we were on the way, I was very excited.

And by the time we arrived I was quivering with energy, which I desperately needed to release, and quickly.
I also found that there was fresh snow on the ground. Endless fresh snow.
With no dents or footprints in it.
This *had* to be rectified.

Once I had destroyed as much snow as I wanted, my attention was diverted elsewhere.

I was unstoppable in my quest, to the point where, even when my brother was down, I started to kick snow in his face.

This was when my brother decided that he was going to die.
He was cold and he was wet and I had filled his wellies with snow.
The next load of snow that flew his way was the catalyst. With an Oscar-winning performance, he keeled over. It was like something out of a war movie. He started to crawl away, every so often stopping to look up at me and our parents to make sure that we were indeed witnessing his demise.

I got bored so I went to kick some snow off a bridge.

Soon I was competing with myself to see how far I could kick it.

And I won.

Because I'm a winner.

Then I made a snow angel. Big mistake.

There I was, lying on the floor, when suddenly my brother starts kicking snow in my face. I thought I was actually going to die.

He wouldn’t stop.
I rolled onto my side, so he moved round to that side and continued.
Eventually, I struggled to my feet.

Then I picked my brother up and chucked him in the snow.

Because I am a:


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  1. i love the christmas walk snow epic. it has everything a good story should: action, drama, excitement, and a happy ending :).