Sunday, December 19, 2010

My stupid brain

Most people get brain freeze when they drink or eat something too cold too quickly.
I also have this happen. But I also get brain freeze for no reason other than my brain seems to think that it should be cold. And, I don't know if you've noticed but brain freeze - it REALLY FRICKIN HURTS!
It feels like my whole head is exploding in agony.
This has been happening a lot, what with all the cold weather and the snow.
And I love the snow.
I love the snow, so there is very little that will stop me going out playing in it.
Which is what I have done a lot of.
And at first, my brain is just dandy.
Because my brain is me. And I love snow.

Then something happens to my brain. It starts to think like other parts of my body.
Mostly the external parts.

I can usually recognise what's about to happen. And I warn my brain. I warn it good.

Alas, by this point my brain has moved on to this -
And so I end up like this -

Because I have a stupid stupid brain.

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